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StackStorm for Kubernetes just took a giant leap forward (beta)

  came up with it one morning around 4am while trying to get the baby to sleep. i’m pretty proud. mostly because it works 😉  – Andy Moore   As many of you know, my team began integrating StackStorm with Kubernetes via ThirdPartyResources(TPR) which we showed off at KubeCon_London in March 2016. This was a great…

Kubernetes Python Clients – 1.2.2

I just created the Python Kubernetes Client for v1.2.2. I’ve also added some additional information on how to gen your own client if you need/want to. https://github.com/mward29/python-k8sclient-1-2-2   **Update Created AutoScaling and new beta extensions client https://github.com/mward29/python-k8sclient-autoscaling-v1 https://github.com/mward29/python-k8sclient-v1beta1-v1.2.2 Enjoy!

Python Client for Kubernetes

For reasons I’ll divulge in a future post, we needed a python client to interact with Kubernetes. Our latest and greatest work is going to rely pretty heavily on it and we’ve had difficulty finding one that is fully functional. SPOILER: Go to the bottom of the article if you just want the code. 😉 We…