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Kubernetes – PodPresets

Podpresets in Kubernetes are a cool new addition to container orchestration in v1.7 as an alpha capability. At first they seem relatively simple but when I began to realize their current AND potential value, I came up with all kinds of potential use cases. Basically Podpresets inject configuration into pods for any pod using a…

Kubernetes, StackStorm and third party resources

WARNING!!! Beta – Not yet for production. You might be thinking right now, third party resources? Seriously? With all the amazing stuff going on right now around Kubernetes and you want to talk about that thing at the bottom of the list. Well keep reading, hopefully by the end of this, you too will see the light….

MySQL + Galera + Xtrabackup (Errors and Fixes)

MySQL 5.6.21 Galera 25.3.5 Percona-xtrabackup-21 2.1.9-746-1.precise

Fix: Database is probably in ‘initialized’ state. need to restart the service and check configuration.  

Fix: Check innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:256M:autoextend does not exist in my.cnf Check that xtrabackup isn’t still running orphaned on either node “ps aux | grep mysql” on donor Check apt-get install persona-xtrabackup-21 is installed (All…