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Kubernetes – Device Plugins (alpha)

Brief History In March of 2017, I wrote about Opaque Integer Resources whereby specific hardware capabilities could be used in Kubernetes. Alpha in 1.5, it allowed for the potential to enable resource like Last Level Cache, GPUs and Many Integrated Core devices etc etc. In Kubernetes 1.8, Opaque Integer Resources were replaced with Extended Resources….

Open Source – Environment Operator

The day has finally come. Today we are announcing our open source project¬†Environment Operator¬†(EO). Environment Operator is used throughout our project and has rapidly gained a name for itself as being well written and well thought out. Props go out to Simas Cepaitis, Cristian Radu and Ben Somogyi who have all contributed. At its core,…

Kubernetes/PaaS: Automated Test Framework

First off, mad props go out to Ben Somogyi and Martin Devlin. They have been digging deep on this and have made great progress. I wanted to make sure I call them out and all the honors go to them. I just have the honor of telling you about it. You might be thinking right…