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StackStorm for Kubernetes just took a giant leap forward (beta)

  came up with it one morning around 4am while trying to get the baby to sleep. i’m pretty proud. mostly because it works 😉  – Andy Moore   As many of you know, my team began integrating StackStorm with Kubernetes via ThirdPartyResources(TPR) which we showed off at KubeCon_London in March 2016. This was a great…

Kubernetes: A/B Cluster Deploys

Everything thing mentioned has been POCed and proven to work so far in testing. We run an application called Pulse in which we demoed it staying up throughout this A/B migration process. Recently the team went through an exercise on how to deploy/manage a complete cluster upgrade. There were a couple options discussed along with…

Kubernetes Python Clients – 1.2.2

I just created the Python Kubernetes Client for v1.2.2. I’ve also added some additional information on how to gen your own client if you need/want to.   **Update Created AutoScaling and new beta extensions client Enjoy!