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Kubernetes: A/B Cluster Deploys

Everything thing mentioned has been POCed and proven to work so far in testing. We run an application called Pulse in which we demoed it staying up throughout this A/B migration process. Recently the team went through an exercise on how to deploy/manage a complete cluster upgrade. There were a couple options discussed along with…

Logging – Kafka topic by Kubernetes namespace

In the beginning, there was logging ……… AND there were single homed, single server applications, engineers to rummage through server logs, CDs for installing OSs and backup tape drives. Fortunately most everything else has gone the way of the dodo. Unfortunately, logging in large part has not. When we started our PaaS project, we recognized logging was…

Kubernetes Python Clients – 1.2.2

I just created the Python Kubernetes Client for v1.2.2. I’ve also added some additional information on how to gen your own client if you need/want to.   **Update Created AutoScaling and new beta extensions client Enjoy!

Vault in Kubernetes – Take 2

A while back I wrote about how we use Vault in Kubernetes and recently a good samaritan brought it to my attention that so much has changed with our implementation that I should update/rewrite a post about our current setup. Again congrats to Martin Devlin for all the effort he has put in. Amazing engineer….

Registry Migration (ECR)

Today I’m going to provide a Registry migration script using Python that will allow you to migrate from a private docker registry to ECR. Keep in mind, its a script people. It got the job done. Its not fancy. Its not meant to cover all the possible ways in which you could do this. It doesn’t…

Devoperandi at Kubecon 2016 EU (Video)

For those interested. Here is the recording from my talk in London March 12, 2016. After watching, its hard to believe how many cool things we have done just since this conference.    

KubeCon 2016 Europe (Slides)    

Kubernetes, StackStorm and third party resources – Part 2

Alright, finally ready to talk about some StackStorm in depth. In the first part of this post I discussed some depth around Kubernetes Thirdpartyresource and how excited we are to use them. If you haven’t read it I would go back and start there. I however breezed over the Event Drive Automation piece (IFTTT) involving…

Kubernetes, StackStorm and third party resources

WARNING!!! Beta – Not yet for production. You might be thinking right now, third party resources? Seriously? With all the amazing stuff going on right now around Kubernetes and you want to talk about that thing at the bottom of the list. Well keep reading, hopefully by the end of this, you too will see the light….

Python Client for Kubernetes

For reasons I’ll divulge in a future post, we needed a python client to interact with Kubernetes. Our latest and greatest work is going to rely pretty heavily on it and we’ve had difficulty finding one that is fully functional. SPOILER: Go to the bottom of the article if you just want the code. 😉 We…