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MySQL + Galera + Xtrabackup (Errors and Fixes)

MySQL 5.6.21 Galera 25.3.5 Percona-xtrabackup-21 2.1.9-746-1.precise

Fix: Database is probably in ‘initialized’ state. need to restart the service and check configuration.  

Fix: Check innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:256M:autoextend does not exist in my.cnf Check that xtrabackup isn’t still running orphaned on either node “ps aux | grep mysql” on donor Check apt-get install persona-xtrabackup-21 is installed (All…

MySQL Distributed Database (Links)

Being interested in geographically distributed database I’m providing some links to a cool MySQL plugin I use called Galera. Some may know this as Percona xtradb which is a whitelabel for galera developed by codership.       Galera Documentation   xtrabdb and high availability   Ping Identity uses Galera   Galera Install   Xtradb…