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deployment pipeline options for Kubernetes

In the last several months various deployment (CI/CD) pipelines have cropped up within the Kubernetes community and our team also released one at KubeCon Seattle 2016. As a result I’ve been asked on a couple different occasions why we built our own. So here is my take. We began this endeavor sometime late 2015. You…

KubeCon Seattle Video

Finally posting this after my speaking engagement at KubeCon_Seattle in November 2016. Thanks to all that came. My hope is releasing our Deployment Pipeline will help the Kubernetes community build an ecosystem of open source CI/CD pipelines to support an awesome platform. Below the video are links to the various open source projects we have…

Kubernetes continuous deployment pipeline

Just figured I would add this for posterity sake.┬áThe Pearson Bitesize team open sourced our deployment pipeline plugin at KubeCon Seattle on Monday Nov. 8th 2016. Kubernetes Continuous Deployment Pipeline