Month: October 2016

Kube-DNS – a little tuning

We recently upgraded Kube-dns.

Having used SkyDNS up to this point, we ran into some unexpected performance issues. In particular we were seeing pretty exaggerated response times from kube-dns when making requests it is not authoritative on (i.e. not cluster.local). Fortunately this was on a cluster not yet serving any production customers. It took several hours…

Kubernetes Init Containers

Kubernetes Init containers. Alright, I’m just going to tell the truth here. When I first started reading about them, I didn’t get it. I thought to myself, “with all the other stuff they could be doing right now at this early stage of Kubernetes, what the hell were they thinking? Seriously?” But that’s because I…


I’m just gonna leave this here. From our team to yours.       All props go to Simas