Month: August 2016

Kubernetes/PaaS: Automated Test Framework

First off, mad props go out to Ben Somogyi and Martin Devlin. They have been digging deep on this and have made great progress. I wanted to make sure I call them out and all the honors go to them. I just have the honor of telling you about it. You might be thinking right…

Kubernetes – Stupid Human mistakes going to prod

So I figured we would have a little fun with this post. It doesn’t all have to be highly technical right? As with any new platform, application or service the opportunity for learning what NOT to do is ever present and when taken in the right light, can be quite hilarious for others to consume….

Kubernetes: A/B Cluster Deploys

Everything thing mentioned has been POCed and proven to work so far in testing. We run an application called Pulse in which we demoed it staying up throughout this A/B migration process. Recently the team went through an exercise on how to deploy/manage a complete cluster upgrade. There were a couple options discussed along with…