Month: May 2016

Kubernetes Python Clients – 1.2.2

I just created the Python Kubernetes Client for v1.2.2. I’ve also added some additional information on how to gen your own client if you need/want to.   **Update Created AutoScaling and new beta extensions client Enjoy!

Kubernetes – Scheduling and Multiple Availability Zones

The Kubernetes Scheduler is a very important part of the overall platform but its functionality and capabilities are not widely known. Why? because for the most part the scheduler just runs out of the box with little to no additional configuration. So what does this thing do? It determines what server in the cluster a…

Kubernetes – Jobs

Ever want to run a recurring cronjob in Kubernetes? Maybe you want to recursively pull an AWS S3 bucket or gather data by inspecting your cluster. How about running some analytics in parallel or even running a series of tests to make sure the new deploy of your cluster was successful? A Kubernetes Job might…

Vault in Kubernetes – Take 2

A while back I wrote about how we use Vault in Kubernetes and recently a good samaritan brought it to my attention that so much has changed with our implementation that I should update/rewrite a post about our current setup. Again congrats to Martin Devlin for all the effort he has put in. Amazing engineer….