Month: February 2016

Kubernetes, StackStorm and third party resources – Part 2

Alright, finally ready to talk about some StackStorm in depth. In the first part of this post I discussed some depth around Kubernetes Thirdpartyresource and how excited we are to use them. If you haven’t read it I would go back and start there. I however breezed over the Event Drive Automation piece (IFTTT) involving…

Kubernetes deployment resource – Blue/Green deploys for everyone

Wait, what? Doesn’t everyone have this already? While various deployment methodologies including blue/green, A/B, Canary etc etc are fairly prevalent outside of containers, its been quite a different story in the container world and in particular Kubernetes. Now before you go all crazy on me. I’m not saying there aren’t ways by which to do…

Kubernetes, StackStorm and third party resources

WARNING!!!┬áBeta – Not yet for production. You might be thinking right now,┬áthird party resources? Seriously? With all the amazing stuff going on right now around Kubernetes and you want to talk about that thing at the bottom of the list. Well keep reading, hopefully by the end of this, you too will see the light….